There are a lot of variables that go into chemically changing your hair color. At Reverie, no two color processes are achieved in the same exact way. This is because everyone’s hair history and desired end result vary. We want to know everything that has been done to your current hair, in order to give you the best possible result and maintain your hair’s integrity. It’s important to keep in mind that we’re overlapping chemicals, so there are certain procedures necessary to ensure your hair stays on your head (;

A hair color consultation is an important step in the process of changing your hair color, whether it’s your first time coloring your hair or you’re looking to make a significant change. Understanding what to expect during a hair color consultation can help you feel more prepared and confident in your decision.

During the consultation, your hair stylist will ask you about your hair history, including any previous coloring treatments or chemicals you’ve used. They may also ask about your current hair care routine, as well as your lifestyle and any activities that could affect the health of your hair (such as swimming or using heat styling tools frequently).

Next, your stylist will assess the condition of your hair and scalp. This may include examining your hair for signs of damage or dryness, as well as potentially performing a strand test to determine the health and porosity of your hair. This information is important because it will help your stylist determine the best coloring approach and product choices to achieve your desired result while also protecting the health of your hair.

Your stylist will also want to know your desired color result, as well as any specific concerns or goals you have. This is your opportunity to express your vision and preferences, so be as specific as possible. Bring in inspiration images or examples of the look you’re hoping to achieve.

Based on this information, your stylist will provide you with a recommendation for the best hair color and technique to achieve your desired result. This may include a single process color, highlights, or a combination of techniques. Your stylist will also provide you with an estimate of the time and cost of the service, as well as any necessary aftercare instructions and take home product recommendations to maintain your new color.

It’s important to remember that hair color is a process, and the final result may not be exactly as you envisioned. Trust your stylist’s expertise and be open to their recommendations, but also feel free to ask questions and express any concerns you may have. A good stylist will listen to your needs and work with you to achieve the best possible result. Please schedule your complimentary 30 minute consultation with our team!