Balayage is a hand painted lightening technique. It is a very versatile technique that can be customized individually for each client. Balayage is great for clients that are looking to brighten their overall look, while maintaining a soft more natural look (in comparison to traditional highlights).

  • Maintenance 4-12 weeks (depending on desired lightness and contrast)
  • Price $200-400+


Dimensional all over color is great for clients that want a big change, a subtle change in the tone of their hair, or grey coverage clients.

  • Maintenance 4-6 weeks (this will either be just a root touch up or an allover color depending on the color and if it has faded)
  • Price for short to medium $120+
  • Price for medium to long $150+


Root touch ups allow you to maintain an allover color as the new hair grows in.

  • Maintenance 4-6 weeks
  • Price for color “drive thru” $65 (established clients ONLY)
  • Price for color with wash & style $110+
  • Price for lightener $150+ (includes toner)


Gloss is a protein based color that can change the tone of the hair. It’s great for clients that want to change the tone of their blonde, clients that want to try out slightly darker colors without the commitment of permanent color, or clients that want a shine treatment. A gloss will last between 2-4 weeks depending on the color.

  • Maintenance as needed (typically 4-6 weeks)
  • Price $40-120


Highlights are a great way to brighten up your look and add dimension. Lowlights (darker shades) also add dimension depending on the desired look. Both can be added to other color services to achieve multiple different looks.

  • Maintenance 6-8 weeks
  • Price for full foil $200+
  • Price for partial foil $150+
  • Price for individuals $10 per foil
  • Adding multiple colors $25 per additional color


All over lightening service can be used in a few ways to achieve a lighter all over color, during color corrections, and before fashion color applications. All over lightening includes a toning session to balance the overall look.

  • Maintenance depends on desired end result (typically 4-6 weeks)
  • Price depends on length and hair density $120+


Fashion colors are considered any unnatural hair color pigment (pink, blue, silver, etc.). Fashion colors typically require the hair to be lightened previous to application. They are considered to be a “stain” that lays on top of the hair. The lighter the hair is beforehand, the brighter the pigment will be.

  • Maintenance 4-8 weeks depending on the pigment
  • Price is $100 an hour for double process (consult required for timing quote)


A color correction is typically a service needed to remove box dye or fix mistakes made at home. This is a very extensive service that can take multiple sessions. For every box dye color correction, I use a balancing agent called CPR. It ensures the box dye is stabilized to help eliminate unpredicted changes during the color correction process. I also use a bond rebuilder called Olaplex. (These are both mandatory for color corrections.) Each color correction is very different, so prices do vary based on the needs and desires of each client. Please also be prepared to purchase several products from the salon to maintain the integrity of your hair.

  • Color corrections take several hours, please permit enough time in your schedule.
  • A consultation before appointment (in person or through text with photos) is required.
  • Charged Hourly $120/Hour